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Application For HRDs Assistance

Organization Details

Please give us full details of your organisation.

Tell us a little bit about of your group/organisation’s aims and objectives and what its core business is. What has been its biggest achievement to date?
Please give us the name of the person who shall be the contact with the SAHRDN in this matter and their contact details telephone number and email.
Your Contact Information

Please kindly provide your full names as per your identity/travel documents.

Protection Application
Are there security risks that you are facing presently? If so try to include as much information of what they are and the last event that made you feel you need to contact SAHRDN for protection or support.
Give us clear actionable details of the type of support that the SAHRDN can offer to deal with the threat that you and your colleagues are facing. Please support this with an itemized budget for each element that you need support from.
If possible please state clearly how you think that type of support can help deal with the threat you are facing.
Which 2 people or organizations can the SAHRDN contact to get more information about your or your organization’s work? Please give contact details (name, organisation, phone, email).
Have you made a similar application to a like minded organization, and if so please state name of the organization.
You may attach additional relevant information by uploading a document here.